Policy Action

Insights, inputs and action points.

The Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) along with The Refashion Hub organised consultations and meetings to seek inputs from the state government as well as businesses on the current condition of wastewater reuse in the textile industry and the various policies and incentives can bring a transformation here.

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Gujarat (1)


Key Recommendations from Gujarat :

  • Undertake water-reuse industrial surveys
  • Declare water recycling norms across industries and offer incentives for implementing the same
  • Regular sampling of groundwater and surface water near processing clusters
  • Declare a list of greener chemicals
  • Set up a state water stewardship committee
  • Replicate Surat Model of supply of treated sewage water across other clusters
Maharashtra (1)


Key Recommendations from Maharashtra :

  • Evidence-based selection and support for water-saving technology
  • Product value based incentives
  • Collect data focusing on water sustainability across industrial parks/ clusters and publish in a portal
  • Assess the impact of existing interventions, schemes and policies
  • Design long term programmes aligned to the 2030 agenda
Karnataka (1)


Key Recommendations from Karnataka :

  • Assistance for Zero Liquid Discharge Plants and Captive Power Plants
  • Monitor Groundwater Withdrawal
  • Tap into Groundwater Recharge
  • Set up small scale STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants)
  • Incentivise Water Saving technology for processors through the state textile policy
  • Conduct Water Audits and Surveys
Punjab (1)


Key Recommendations from Punjab :

  • Reuse of municipal sewage water
  • Generate data on Water Use and Recategorise Industries/ Zones
  • Incentivise Water Conservation Initatives
  • Create Cross Sectoral Taskforce for Water Stewardship