five principles of fair fashion

At The ReFashion Hub, we’re working to revive conversations around circular fashion in India while also unpacking the concept for different stakeholders. We have a vision for the future of the fashion industry. The future of the planet and the quality of life it will hold for us in the near future and for the generations after us, will be directly affected by this vision.


Fair to the climate

Embed climate-sensitive practices across the value chain.

Fashion must prioritize the mitigation of climate change and therefore adopt low carbon practices across the value chain - production, transport, storage, distribution, usage and at the end of use.


Fair to natural resources

Harness the power of new technology for zero waste.

Fashion must be powered by innovation to design around zero waste. It must value new approaches that encourage zero waste through business and individual practices.


Fair to culture

Mainstream the circular fashion culture.

Fashion should make circularity the norm by embedding it in culture and textile heritage.


Fair to the people

Put people at the center of circularity.

Fashion must adopt a people-sensitive approach. Equity lies at the core of circularity and contributes to its success.


Fair to the economy

Scale and incentivize circular business models and practices

Fashion must champion the scaling and incentivizing of circular business models with support from an ecosystem of actors dedicated to a circular economy.