The Anti ‘Buy More’ Manual

A guide to resisting the never-ending temptation of EOSS, one-day deliveries, BoGo deals and so on.

There’s a lot of stuff happening in our lives right now. And also, not. What was that word doing the rounds on social media, from that NYT headline, something about the word of the year….languishing, wasn’t it? Trying to fill the void within, the mind wanders, on and on, mindlessly scrolling 




celebrity sightings, 

sourdough bread, 


flat 50% off,

office zoom call,

…wait, what was that again…50% off?

Stop. Quick, think of something else instead.

Push ups, how about push ups? 20 ought to do it. Then repeat.

Or maybe pick up that dusty guitar, give it a good scrub, tune it and try playing your favourite song. Or maybe make one up about the very real struggles of resisting temptation?

Call a friend for support. The one who’s been living on 5 t-shirts, 2 evening dresses and 2 occasion outfits for the last 5 years. 

At. Any. Cost. Do. Not. Call. The. Enabler. Bestie. Your ride-or-die, always already-at-the-mall, partner in crime in shopping sprees.

You can also pop over to check your long watchlist of cool movies and shows and then settle down to an episode of Friends for the millionth time. 

Or pick up that book, the one where you’ve been stuck on the first chapter for about 5 months now (#4 on the new year resolution list). 

Also, that half completed craft project for your room…where is it exactly?

Speak to your parents. They’re always full of sagacious advice about your terrible money habits, lack of savings or a sense of responsibility etc. etc. That ought to dampen the itch to ‘Checkout’.

Hey, you can finally figure out how the siphon coffee maker that you got on a whim last year works!

Oh, if you must shop, head to the kitchen first. There’s an absolutely solid 100% chance that the onions are over, the solitary tomato has gotten a bit too soft, the garlic is now…black? The cook did give you a heads up TBH. She would’ve been royally pissed tomorrow, no doubt. So, if you really, really have to shop, stick to the essentials for some more time. 

On a very serious note, if you or someone you know has a very real case of shopping addiction that is known as Compulsive Buying Disorder, we strongly recommend seeing a medical and/or mental health professional for help. Here’s a helpful resource to learn more about this. 

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