The current state of wastewater management

The Centre for Responsible Business and The ReFashion Hub conducted a talk on the ‘Techniques and Technology Involved in Managing Wastewater’ moderated by Karan Daryanani of Fashion for Good in conversation with Fidal Kumar of JSP Enviro

Mr. Kumar’s company is involved in the development of novel technologies for effluent treatment from industries such as textile, paper and pulp, breweries and distilleries. In just 30 minutes, he covered several key aspects related to existing technological solutions in management of wastewater as well as the challenges and opportunities involved in dissemination of new technology across the industry.

The need for holistic solutions was reinforced. For instance, we should not merely look at treatment of effluents but go a few steps back in the chain and relook at the process of dyeing itself and the chemicals used.

The economics of the whole system was touched upon as well as the need for incentives like subsidies. Innovative instruments such as energy credits were discussed. One key takeaway was that while there was a strong need for open mindedness among MSMEs in particular, the future was definitely bright in the management of this important resource.

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