A new way of looking at ‘wastewater’

This deeply insightful session was conducted by the Centre for Responsible Business and The ReFashion Hub.

Moderated by Ashish Bhardwaj, India Coordinator, Alliance for Water Stewardship, this chat was held with Dr. P. Siva, Senior Technical Marketing Officer of Sustainable Textile Solutions and Mr. Nikhil Jain of Sanicon Energy Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Waste to resource

Things start out on the wrong foot with wastewater given that its name has waste in it. One look and most people are bound to throw it out of their minds – after all, it’s a waste right? Nikhil Jain started his talk by pointing out this semantic note. He suggested that we replace terms like wastewater with more positive terminology that highlights its continuing value or worth. For instance, how about ‘resource water’? Clearly, language itself is the first weapon in bringing about a positive mindset change in this space.

The talks also laid stress on the importance of multi-stakeholder collaborations. Current regulatory aspects were discussed and it was highlighted that local conditions needed to be understood before enforcing technological solutions on people and businesses.

Young advocates

The role of children in enabling behavioural change in adults around them, a well-known yet often overlooked point, was interestingly reinforced. For instance, it was suggested that real case scenarios and examples should be implemented at the school level to make an impression on students. The conscious and subconscious learnings from this would eventually get taken back home and disseminated there.

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